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At the Pinney House, you can lease  your own private Victorian flat, and also enjoy the benefits of expansive shared living in a large gracious home with other professionals.  You can also book a short vacation stay in one of our first floor rooms.


Have a cup of tea on the front porch, curl up with a book in the library, relax in the garden. Use the shared gourmet kitchens to cook when you want.


Enjoy the best of elegant yesteryear living in the fully renovated 10,000 square foot 1887 Queen Anne. It’s a short walk to the quaint village of Sierra Madre. Hop on the 210 or take the Gold Line for a short commute to downtown LA.


Lease of a flat includes use of all common areas: gourmet kitchens on first and second floors, formal dining room, library, living room, sun room, front porch and large landscaped yards and patio areas.  Common areas are cleaned weekly.

What is Living Here Like?

By Judy Smith Asbury


This week, a World War II veteran and former resident visited the equally venerable Pinney House, seeking a look back into his childhood years. The Pinney House, now over 125 years old, is the quintessential Victorian landmark of Sierra Madre.  It has had many lives from hotel to mountain sanitarium to apartments. Always hosting a pantheon of residents. One former resident reminisced about the quirky Blue Whale “ painting in the hallway during the flower power generation. The long arm of politics stretches back as well to 1908 when the city’s founders formed the Board of Trade and met in its ballroom to create the City of Sierra Madre.


John S. was just a youngster when his family moved to the Pinney House in 1930.

Many families rented rooms there during the depression.  As I gave John a tour, it struck me that while so much has changed, some things come back around for a new look. During that time in the 30’s when the world was in shock; people gathered in community.  Today, there is a renewed need for connection. We draw comfort in friendship and community.


Last year, we began to lease out the suites.  Many of the suites are not full apartments, as we had removed some of the kitchens to refurbish the grandeur of the rooms. This necessitated an arrangement more like a boarding house (except without the cook), where people share a kitchen

with one or two others.


What developed was beyond our hope.  Those who answered our call have now jelled into a sort of community. It includes working professionals, two-generation families. Ages have ranged from 20’s to 80’s. It turns out that, when there is no expectation of a social occasion, people just sort of find themselves in conversation in the hallway or kitchen or front porch, and that leads to wonderful spontaneous gatherings where everyone brings a bit to the table and learns more about one another.


This is so opposite to what society says should happen.  We work hard to have our “own” place.  Yet, when we get it, we are isolated in our apartments and homes.  We have to work to reach out to others, join groups, get involved.  That in turn leads to more stress as we pile on responsibilities and create expectations from others. The community veranda where neighbors drop by or the family table where politics, passions, and philosophies mix seems long gone. Or so it seemed.


The Pinney House is a living experiment in a new, and not so new, way of living together.  In fact the Pinney House is a living, breathing resource--

 of, by, and for-- the communities that it creates.